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Alwyn Cosgrove,Rachel Cosgrove,The World's Leading Fitness Experts,: Get with the Program

Get with the Program


In this book, the title Get With The Program has a particularly important meaning for readers. The Celebrity Experts(r) who have written this book all wish you to enjoy great health. With time at a premium for the typical reader, they show you various programs and methods to follow in order to improve or maintain your good health. Working with clients who come to them in varying states of health and conditioning, these health and fitness coaches, the very same Celebrity Experts(r) have developed successful programs. Their clients range from professional and student athletes, as well as busy executives and retirees, all the way to pregnant-moms. They offer you information on proven programs that their clients use, and, without exception, discuss healthy living within the confines of fitness, nutrition, accountability and mindset. While they encourage you to Get With The Program, these Celebrity Expert(r) authors touch on a variety of topics, including developing a mindset to change your body to meet a goal. (You may have weight loss and time-constraint reasons as part of your requirements.) The importance of implementing their health routines to meet your goals will mean that you don't have to use the New Year's Resolution method for change (and its low success-rate) - which you may have tried before. It really is easier to Get With The Program to accomplish your goals... Cheers! Here's to a happier and healthier f

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Author: Alwyn Cosgrove,Rachel Cosgrove,The World's Leading Fitness Experts,
Number of Pages: 168 pages
Published Date: 10 Jul 2013
Publisher: Celebrity PR
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780989518703
Download Link: Click Here

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