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>FREE< Lose Weight with the Dukan and Low Carb Die

Emily V Steinhauser,: Lose Weight with the Dukan and Low Carb Diet Plans : A Beginner's Guide to the Dukan and Low Carb Diets

Lose Weight with the Dukan and Low Carb Diet Plans : A Beginner's Guide to the Dukan and Low Carb Diets


Get Fit and Blast Fat on the Dukan and Low Carb Diet Plans For the first time, two books, Dukan Diet by Emily V. Steinhauser and Low Carb Diet by Emily V. Steinhauser, are being offered in one collection. Discover how both of these great diets can help you obtain your goal weight and gain a better and healthier life. Description from Dukan Diet by Emily V. Steinhauser Are you a serial dieter who tries each new diet plan that comes along only to be frustrated with your lack of results? Does it seem like whatever weight loss method you try that works for your friends and family just doesn't work for you? Are you self-conscious about your weight and appearance, afraid that people are unfairly judging you, and you desperately want to make a change, to finally look the way you have always wanted to? For most of my life, I struggled with my weight; I was overweight-and even worse-unhappy. I was constantly on the latest dieting trend, never really experiencing any success with any of them. None of these diets ever seemed right for me. And then I discovered the Dukan diet, a personal approach to dieting that has finally given me the results I've always wanted. My success with the Dukan diet has led me to helping others who struggle to lose weigh overcome what is holding them back. Through the course of my work, I have developed the most effective techniques in implementing the Dukan diet in one's life, helping people finally reach their goals. Imagine what it would be like to know longer feel self-conscious or embarrassed by how you look, to finally feel fit and confident and healthy. Stop suffering from the frustration and depression that comes from not seeing results no matter what diet you try, and regain your life by reading Dukan Diet: Effective Dietary Strategies for Getting Fit and Healthy. Let me help you overcome your weight loss issues and finally lead you to success. Description from Low Carb Diet by Emily V. Steinhauser Losing weight doesn't have to be a struggle. In society today, we are bombarded by foods that are processed and contain little nutritional value. These foods are often cheaper than healthier alternatives. These foods have often been engineered not to give our bodies want it needs as much as what it has come to desire. It is these types of foods that have led health problems for millions of people. New nutritional strategies are required if we are going to overcome the growing problems of obesity and type-2 diabetes. One of the approaches that have been offered to combat this growing unhealthy epidemic is diets that require the user to consume low amounts of carbohydrates. The low carb diet is often practiced by people for the treatment of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure and diabetes. In a low carb diet program, the food contents of an individual are replaced by the foods that are rich in proteins and fats.

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Author: Emily V Steinhauser,
Number of Pages: 102 pages
Published Date: 23 Sep 2015
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781517486761
Download Link: Click Here

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