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*FREE* The Secret of Your Naturally Skinny Friends

Monica Swanson,: The Secret of Your Naturally Skinny Friends : A Simple Path to Your Best Body and a Healthy Mind

The Secret of Your Naturally Skinny Friends : A Simple Path to Your Best Body and a Healthy Mind


"The Secret of Your Naturally Skinny Friends" offers a fresh approach to overcoming struggles with food, exercise, and body image. Author Monica Swanson shares from her own experience having spent nearly half of her life struggling with all of these things. Though she had a background in Sports Medicine and worked in the fitness industry, Monica found no exercise or diet plan able to solve her problems. In fact, those things only increased her mental obsessions, and offered short term results at best. Finally, Monica set out to find a new approach to food, exercise, and her body. Determined to live in freedom, and enjoy the body she was given, Monica discovered a completely new way to live. In just a short time she found herself at her ideal weight, and enjoying a healthy, free mind! For the past fourteen years Monica has continued to practice this new way to live, and has shared her approach with others who were ready for real change. The success she has experienced and observed in others confirmed that this message needed to be available to the whole world. Monica has now written this short, practical book to help others. Outlining the simple path to freedom, "The Secret of Your Naturally Skinny Friends" offers guidance, support, and encouragement to anyone ready to overcome their own issues related to diet, exercise, or their body image. From journaling prompts, to practical tips and tricks, this book is packed full of helpful tools and useful information. Readers have said that this book is the missing piece in every plan they have followed to try to get a grip on their weight and body image issues. Whether you struggle with weight, body image, or are working towards any kind of health and fitness goals, this book will show you how to make changes that last a lifetime.

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Author: Monica Swanson,
Number of Pages: 84 pages
Published Date: 22 Oct 2015
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781517758103
Download Link: Click Here

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